Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Three Ways To Style Pink Trousers

I normally stick to my neutrals. Colour has hardly ever entered my wardrobe, but this year something changed. I've started to experiment to see if I can expand my neutral ways. Thankfully when I do incorporate new colours all my neutrals work with them!

Ever wondered how to pull off baby pink trousers? Or any pink in your wardrobe? Below are three ways I styled these (very popular) pink trews. 
1) Leopard print
You can't go wrong with this 50's inspired combo. Team it with tan heels and a light overcoat for colder evenings. 
 Oranges optional.
2) All black
These look especially flattering tucked into a black cami with heels for the evening. Chuck a Chanel over your shoulder if that's your vibe. Or a nice black 'evening bag'. God, I sound like my mum!
 Staring at something very interesting, must be a pigeon. 
3) Red and white
For a casual day look team with white trainers and a pop of clashing red. Adding these earrings still makes me feels fancy as f**k (not a causal gal).
Sunning myself... or staring at pigeons again, who knows? 

Have you tried pink trousers? How did you style yours? 

Thursday, 12 July 2018

2 Days in Paris: Perfect Relaxed Itinerary

There is nowhere in the world like it, the architecture is breathtaking, the lifestyle intoxicating, it's such a hectic yet romantic city! The amount to do can actually be quite overwhelming. This trip was with four of us; my boyfriend and his parents. If you are looking for a guide that's not just a romantic trip, look no further!

Day 1

  • Stay somewhere central to really cut down on your travel time. 
It will be more expensive but so worth it. We stayed at Le Jardins du Marias in the 4th arrondissements which was within walking distance from cafés and cheese shops - obviously the most important things. It also had the most amazing central courtyard, perfect for an evening drink.

  • Visit Marché des Enfants Rouges for an early lunch, (depending on when you arrive). 
This street food market is bustling with culinary delights, from Italian to African, it has something delicious for all.
  • Go on an open tour bus.
If you don't have long on the city hop on and off an open tour bust so that you can 1) get your bearings of the city 2) see all the places you want to go back to for a closer look.

  • Visit Notredame (but not for long).

Obviously a tourist hotspot, get a photo and then cross the Ponte Notre Dame for amazing views down the Seine.

  • Picnic at Park du Champ-de-Mars.

There is no better way to enjoy the Eiffel Tower. I've been up it before so think looking at it rather than looking out of it is better. There are better views elsewhere in the city to look at this beauty.

  • Visit the Lourve.

You can spend a week looking around here, so choose what you want to do and do that, go in the evening or first thing for shorter queues.
A magical entry way is Passage Richelieu, walk beneath the tunnels grand arches, approaching the tower gates and marvel at the gorgeous views of the famed glass pyramids.

  • Have an ice cream at Palais Royal.

Parisians really know how to relax in the sun, you'll find double chair benches (that would be nicked in the UK!) to sit on and a beautiful view of the palace whilst hearing the clinking and cheering from nearby bowls tournaments.
Of course get a picture on the Colonnnes de Buran!
  • Eat snails at Place Sainte-Catherine. 

I could write 10 more posts about eating in Paris, but for this i'm keeping it short! I'd never tried snails before but so glad I did in Paris, as you can see, I wasn't 100% sold! However, I tried sea snails the next day and actually liked them!
Day 2

  • Visit the quaint Montmarte. 
If you fancy seeing a different side to Paris, jump on the metro to Abbsesses and climb the hill to see the most breathe-taking view of Paris!
Don't miss the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur and the windmill Moulin De La Galette - famed in one of Renoirs paintings, Bal du moulin de la Galette.

Have an amazing time in this enchanting city! 


Monday, 25 June 2018

A Fashion Lover's Top 10 Things To Do In Milan

After having such an incredible time on my recent solo trip to Milan I thought i'd share my top 10 experiences that made me fall head over heels in love with the city.

1) Visit The Duomo 
It's one of the most breathtaking buildings I have ever seen. It's impossible to describe how  something that took over 6 centuries to finish looks in words. I made sure to visit at all hours of the day, from sunset to midnight.  
2) Visit the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II
I visited early one morning, it's the only time to see it in all it's beauty without throngs of tourists. I also met some great people that I would now call friends, who also helped take some of these shots! Thanks Josh & Luis! I really love that solo travelling means you are out of your comfort zone and more likely to make new friends. 
3) Designer Shopping - Via Della Spiga
I stayed a street over from Via Della Spiga a tree lined cobbled pedestrian only street full of high end designer shops. Great not just for designer wears but for spotting Italian celebrities and fashionistas! 
4) Chill at Spa QC Termemilano
This was an incredible find the last day of my trip, I needed to check out of my hotel but also didn't want to carry my luggage around the city before my late evening flight. 

What a treat this place is, a luxury spa with different wellness rooms from infrared sleeping pods to tram saunas and hydro massage tubs. 
The outdoor heated hydro jet pools set in ancient Spanish walls. 
5) Outlet Designer Shopping 
Milan is known for it's shopping outlets, I visited at least ten on this trip, these are my favourite and recommended based on stock and organisation; DMAG, Vintage Delirium and Matia's. 
6) Meet Flamingos 
I stumbled across these fellas on a stroll, you can only see them through gates, but it is so worth seeing them in the middle of the city! They are in Villa Invernizzi, via Cappuccini. 
7) Dinner at Savini & Ice Cream 
I decided to be courageous and take myself for dinner solo, as it can be quite nerve-wracking going to dinner on your own, where better to enjoy it than Savini's in the centre of the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele, opposite Prada no less.  
8) Sempione Park 
A visit to Sempione park is a must, the park is 116 acres, so plan out just a couple of bits to do, you can easily spend a whole day here taking in it's beauty. I headed to Arco Della Pace and wondered the grounds. 
9) Photography tour 
I absolutely recommend doing a photography tour! As this was a solo holiday I planned to get out on a photography tour as soon as I got to Milan. I feel this is the best way to get a sense of the city and get your bearings. I did my tour with a lovely Italian lady called Silvia and can't recommend her enough! You can book her tour here. 
10) Take in Navigli 
With it's relaxed vibe and great bars and restaurants Navigli is a must, even if you only have a few hours to spend here. It's one of the most historic; the neighbourhood dates back to 1179, when the waterworks were constructed to link Milan to nearby lakes. Make sure you stop for Caffè and watch the world go by. 


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Somnai Review

I went to visit something I was pretty excited about on Sunday! Somnai just launched a couple of weeks ago and on a whim I decided to surprise my boyfriend and see what it was like.
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