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24 hours visiting Alghero, Sardinia

If you have been considering Sardinia, don't consider it anymore, just go! I spent a week on this beautiful island and I can't wait to go back for it's glistening clear sea and white sands. But, I also look forward to visiting it's small harbour towns that are brimming with local cuisine and culture.

Lido San Giovanni Beach
The nearest beach to the centre of the city. It's well equipped with restaurants, cafés and bars. However, ask any Sardinian and they will say it's not as good as other beaches on the island! There is a lot of seaweed and sometimes a bad smell. However there are other beautiful beaches and lots to enjoy within the city. I visited here after 6 days on beautiful beaches in Olbia so was more than happy to skip the beaches and head to the port.

Maria Pia Beach
I didn't manage to visit this beach, however if you are looking for beautiful turquoise sea lapping on white sands near the city this is the one to go to!

Visiting the harbour both day and at night is a must. It's beautiful at all hours of the day to be honest, get there at golden hour, have a drink and stay to watch the sun set and the nightlife get going.

Breakfast - we were on the quest for vegan croissants which, after a few failed attempts, we managed to find at 7000 café.

Lunch - we ate on the hoof a lot for lunch, there are so many places to choose from, we mainly opted for big breakfasts and big dinners! However, i've heard great things about nautilus.

Dinner - On Danny's recommendation we headed to her favourite spot - Trattoria Lo Romani, Da Vittoria e Gigi. It has the best sea food platter i've ever eaten! It's a starter for two, however, there are 8 dishes and you really won't need anymore food. The hospitality is also superb - upbeat and fun.
Pro tip - book in advance and book even further in advance for a table outside.
We stayed in Residence Europe which is two streets back from the beach and a two minute walk to get there. It's about a 20 minute walk into the city centre. This hotel was really good value; a huge room with a living room and big balcony to sunbathe on.

Of course, the main attraction is the cobbled streets of the city centre. Be sure to venture off onto side streets to find little gems of locally grown and sourced produce. 
As I mentioned, there is some good nightlife along the beaches near the city centre. We didn't manage to stay out in Alghero, mainly from the hangover we had from the night before in Stintino!
There is also all the obvious water sports and boat trips. A bike ride along the seafront and around the town is a beautiful way to explore the city.

It's also possible to explore by horse and carriage. The organisers are really friendly and the horses kept in really good conditions. Being quite into horse riding I wish riding around the city was possible. See my new boyfriend below haha. 
Movida Restaurant has a great view of the harbour and menu to boot.  

I hope this has been helpful in some way! Let me know in the comments if you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Sardinia!


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Olbia, Sardinia Travel Guide

Hi babes!
As you may have started to see on my IG Stories and Feed, I've been on holiday in Sardinia ;)
I'm now back in not so sunny London and wanted to share some of the best bits and tips with you.
This time it wasn't a solo trip (more to come on going on holiday solo) but with my very best Italian friend.
I flew into Olbia, Costa Smeralda airport, and stayed with her and her family for a few days in  Caletta, an hour south of Costa Smeralda, before exploring Stintino and Alghero. Costa Smeralda is stunning, but i'm not rich and I wanted a really authentic Sardinian holiday.  (Maybe i'll go back and live it up in Costa Smeralda eventually)

Where I stayed
I was lucky enough to stay with an incredibly loving Italian family. We had a lot of fun with neither parties being able to speak the others language - I love how semiotics comes into play in these situations. My poor friend had to play translator all week!
If you are planning to stay in a hotel, I recommend staying somewhere near the beach for one or two nights at a time, moving around to explore this beautiful island!
Caletta has a beautiful harbour and really traditional market that takes over the street in the evening. Of course, everyone always dines al fresco. Here you can buy the boat tickets to see the most stunning beaches in the south of Sardinia.

Beaches Visited
I literally went to this beach straight from the airport with all my luggage in the back of the car (try flying with a bathing suit under you clothes, interesting). Beautiful clear sea greeted me, and a beach bar called Mamabeach, a must. Also, sounds dull, but good parking. Something you will soon understand when going to beaches in Sardinia.
Standing in the sea looking out to mountains is magical. It get's very busy so if you don't want a busy beach keep reading.
Spiaggia di Berchida
This is such a beautiful beach, eight hundred metres of sparking white sand and crystal clear waters! Insider Italian info, go in the morning for an empty beach and a marvellous sunrise. The sea was so warm when I was here in August, perfect for swimming in, or having a snooze on a float. Pack a picnic if you don't enjoy walking on hot sand!
Cala Luna
Oh my gosh, the caves on this beach are huge. We went on a day boat trip and this was our first stop, it was quite busy but walking down to the caves is definitely worth the walk. Crystal clear waters and yacht watching!
Spiaggia delle Sorgenti di Goloritzè 
A hidden, sublime beach. We didn't stop here but I certainly want to hire a boat and go there next time. There are also caves to go and explore called Grotta del Fico, you'll need a boat to get there but it's a properly run tourist spot (although not many people seem to know about it).
Cala Mariolu
My favourite of all the beaches I visited. It's found below steep cliffs and is best to get to by boat, or if you are into it, a long hike.
I can't put into words how turquoise this water is, you really have to see it to believe it. We spent the morning jumping off rocks and seeing fish swim around us. It's so clear, you don't need a snorkel.
Capa Comino 
The most beautiful natural secluded beach. Rolling sand dunes and shadows of the mountains seen from the crystal clear waters. Go here for a really authentic natural beach (not a single row of private parasol in sight)

So there you have it! The longest blog of beach photos. I just can't get enough of this island and will certainly be back there soon.

I hope this post is useful or has inspired you to visit Sardinia. If you have any questions or want more recomendations DM me on Instagram - @jessiesstylenotebook

Massive thanks to my best friend Danny for an incredible week!

P.S No filter needed on these. 

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